Wait . . . you want a dictionary for Christmas?

Black's Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary

My husband asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas. He usually doesn’t ask this question quite so early, but I suspect it is because I struggle with this request every year.  You see, I am a very practical person, so my list usually consists of requests for clothing – to which he’ll give me a gift certificate to spend however I want – or he will buy me a a wrist watch. (Those who know me are keenly aware of my extensive watch collection.)

This year, however, I actually thought of something unique, yet practical. I asked for Black’s Law Dictionary. What else would a close-to-graduating paralegal student ask for?

My husband said in disbelief, “You want a dictionary for Christmas?”.

“Yes,” I said.

After explaining the significance of Black’s Law Dictionary, my husband’s eyes started to twinkle at the thought of buying me something that I would need as a paralegal.  Later that evening, I discovered that he had slipped away with my iPad and had purchased and downloaded Black’s Law for iPad to my device. When he handed it back to me, he said, “I’ll buy you the hardbound version for Christmas.” What a sweetheart!

If you haven’t tried the iPad version of Black’s Law Dictionary, I highly recommend it. It’s lovely and easy to use!

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