Evangelista, Pinault Child Support Case

A recent assignment about the fairness of child support lead me to a Wall Street Journal story about super model Linda Evangelista and the father of her son, billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.

Wall Street Journal: Looking to Raise a Child on $47,000 a Month

Ms. Evangelista is requesting $47,000 a month in child support for Augusta — a record-setting amount if approved by the judge.

Today I looked for any follow-up stories on this case and found an article in the New York Post. The judge approved an undisclosed amount of child support to Ms. Evangelista. Linda had a “slight smile on her face” as she left the courthouse so one can assume that she must be happy with the result. You can decide for yourself . . .

New York Post: Judge Signs Off on Evangelista, Pinault Child Support Agreement

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